Selection of Teams and Expectations:

The Amateur Athletic Union mandates grade-based tournaments. Therefore, all of our teams are also grade-based. Players are selected for teams based on their ability and grade. The Directors will decide the placement of players that best suits the individual.

The coaches and Directors will meet with each player and her parents to review placement on a team and the expectations for the season. Coaches will continue to evaluate the players during clinics, practices and at tournaments to ensure their placement is as appropriate as possible.

Our teams play in more tournaments than most others of the same grade. In addition, coaches may ask girls to play an additional game during some of the tournaments. This provides even more opportunity to play in competitive games.

We register our older teams for several college exposure tournaments. These are designed to provide college coaches and recruiters the chance to see as many prospective college students as possible. Our coaches will speak with you and your daughter to talk about her future plans and make sure she follows the NCAA rules for eligibility.

Expectations of Parents:

We appreciate the trust you place in us to help your daughter become a better athlete. As Directors and Coaches, we will do all we can to give your player the opportunities to learn, to improve, to become stronger, and to shine. In return, we need your help as parents to help your daughter succeed.

Your daughter need to attend and actively participate in a minimum number of practices. If she doesn’t attend practices and doesn’t learn the offensive and defensive plays, she’s not helping the other girls work as a team. Please don’t expect her to be playing the maximum amount of time.

Please help your daughter be on time for practices. They should arrive at least 5-10 minutes early to get ready for practices. During tournaments, if the previous game finished early, our game might start early. Also, the coaches want to review plays and strategies before the games. Please be at the correct basketball court about 30 minutes before the scheduled start for each game.

To have the energy needed to practice and play hard during games, your daughter needs to be healthy, well-rested, appropriately fed, and hydrated. We’re counting on you to help. We expect all out players to be good sports, at all times. We expect parents to be good sports too!


All player fees must be paid before the first tournament in which your daughter plays, regardless of when she joins the program. When you register your daughter, there is a wavier to be signed. We also ask your permission to take and use photographs and videos of your daughter during practices and games. These will be used only on our website and not knowingly shared with anyone.

Our Club strives to defray some of the travel costs, especially for the older teams who travel out of state. Those girls and their parents worked on the Club’s fundraisers to help with the expenses of their older teams, and continue to do so at our tournaments. We hold two tournaments of our own and support the district championships and the East Coast Girls Basketball exposure tournament. We ask all parents and the girls in the 8th grade and older to help out. Various tasks include staffing the concession stand, serving as a timer or scorekeeper, helping with the door admissions and wrist bands. Your help means we don’t need to hire someone to do those tasks. That leaves more funds in the Club to help pay for travel expenses.